NFL Gambling: Week 2

Boom! 3/4 in Week 1! You are welcome. The only bet I missed on was the Falcons over the Bears, but I stand by that bet. Mike Glennon looked much better than Mike Glennon usually looks. He was shockingly not very Mike Glennon-y, and I paid the price for that.

Regardless, it’s a new week so let’s jump right into the picks.

First up is the game tonight. Cincinnati hosts Houston for Thursday Night Football and Cincy is favored by 6 in this contest. For a team that didn’t score in week 1, this feels generous. The Texans have a really good defense and have some weapons on offense. The offensive line is putrid and Deshaun Watson is a rookie, but Lamar Miller and Deandre Hopkins are very talented offensive players. Cincinnati also has a couple offensive weapons. They have A.J. Green and a 3-headed monster in the backfield. But they scored 0 points last week. Zero. So the team that didn’t score against a good Baltimore defense is expected to win by 6… against last year’s top ranked defense… getting J.J. Watt back. Yeah, nope. Not happening. Houston +6

Next up an AFC South matchup between the Titans and the Jags. The Jags have a winning record for the first time since 2011, and looked pretty damn good against the Texans. The offense ran through Fournette, while the defense had something like 45 sacks on Tom Savage and Deshaun Watson. Meanwhile, the Titans lost at home against a very good Raiders team, which isn’t a bad loss at all. The Titans were supposed to be a bit of a breakout candidate this year after being very respectable last year, so an 0-2 start would be a big setback. The Titans are giving up 2 points here, but I really think in a close game, the Jags will be forced to give the ball to Blake Bortles. You see where this is going. Tennessee has this by a field goal or more. Titans -2

In the 4 o’clock slot, I’m heading to LA where the Chargers will clash with the Dolphins. These are two teams that I believe are underrated. The Chargers have a pretty nice defense that has a lot of youth, while their offense seems to not only be talented, but also healthy except for Mike Williams. For the Dolphins, they have their playoff roster back for the most part, but insert Smoking Jay Cutler! The man who gives no fucks about anyone or anything is back, and I’m telling you he’s going to be better than ever! Put the house on this one. Dolphins +4.5


The final game I’m looking at today is the Monday night matchup between the Giants and Lions. We all saw the Giants get killed by the Cowboys, but I’m not really counting that considering the Cowboys are really good and the Giants were missing their offense, also known as Odell Beckham Jr. The Cowboys also got a first down every drive they had. The Lions are not a great team, but I really do think they could play up to most teams, and down to most teams, so we have a good game here. Since we have a good game here, I’m thinking this game will be decided by a field goal. So, even if Odell is back and the line can give Eli more than a millisecond to pass it, it’s a close game. Detroit +3.5


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