“That 2 o’ clock feeling” is happening in the NBA

Everyone knows “that 2:00 feeling.” Named after the time it normally comes about, it halts productivity and puts the brain into a slowed and muddled state. With my first summer internship of hard-core adulting really hitting me in the face, I have learned the full effects of this detrimental life disorder. Generally, the mood is met with delirium, time wasting, and extreme exhaustion.

This time of the NBA year is sort of like 2′ o clock for the season on a Friday, matching the attitudes of the average American worker.


The week before the draft was met with a flurry of trade speculation that is normally reserved for the trade deadline. No one really seemed to be safe, whether it be guys that have been franchise centerpieces like Paul George or Jimmy Butler, or guys that should be the feature of the franchise like Kristaps Porzingis. Ultimately, the Sixers got enough to make it seem like the Process is close to reaching its fruition, the Celtics still have a fuckload of assets with no real obvious direction, and the Bulls made the most Bulls trade ever and dumped their franchise centerpiece for peanuts and cracker jacks. Now, it seems we are going to get a little bit of a breath before free agency is in full swing.

Time Wasting

Maybe you have been following it, but since the Finals ended, Kevin Durant has been active on Twitter. This is a classic tactic of fighting off the 2 o’clock feeling. Work takes a toll on your brain, and doing it for hours in a row is really brutal. Twitter, on the other hand, takes much less brain power. But sometimes, the boredom breeds a lot of comments that could really be done without.

For example, let’s go with the “I heard you like to get your face farted on” conversation, which basically ended with Kevin Durant’s admission that he likes to get his face farted on during intercourse. This begs roughly 10 trillion questions, the most important of which being, “huh?” No matter what, Kevin Durant is currently the embodiment of 2 o’clock time wasting.


Phil Jackson has been in the news a lot recently. Basically, to summarize all of it, he is shit in the front office. He has alienated Carmelo, who has been the face of the dumpster-fire franchise for years, and pushed away Porzingis, who is one of the best young talents in the NBA. On top of all this, a report surfaced that he was sleeping during prospect workouts. I really, so badly want to demonize him for this. I want to hold him accountable for this really unprofessional action. But, then I think about all of the times I have fallen asleep at work, whether literally or just zoned out badly enough that my brain goes into sleep mode, and I can’t criticize him. It would be hypocritical.

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