Connor McDavid, Really Good at Hockey

In this week’s installment of “hey, Ethan, you’re not that good at hockey”, we have Connor McDavid, who shares the same 1997 birth year as me, winning the Hart Memorial Trophy for the NHL’s regular season MVP.

That’s right, this twenty-year-old kid just took home the NHL MVP and goal scoring title with 100 points. Meanwhile, I’m sitting here counting the minutes until I can go pick up my next chicken finger sub. Now about a year ago I wrote a piece for my school’s newspaper saying it was too early to rank McDavid ahead of the reigning Maurice Rocket Richard winning Alexander Ovechkin as he only played 45 games in his rookie year, and boy was I dead wrong. McDavid burst onto the scene this season with 30 goals and 70 assists in 82 games, leading the Oilers to their first playoff appearance since 2006 and leaving all the skeptical critics, like myself, in the dust.

This guy is sick, folks. If I was picking one player in the whole league to start my team off, I would’ve picked McDavid yesterday. 100 points in today’s NHL is absolutely wild considering scoring has gone down to the point that soccer fans probably look at hockey games and think, “a 2-1 final score? No thanks”.

The speed on this kid is mind-blowing, and it’s pretty obvious he has no intentions of slowing down anytime soon. He had 100 points this year, but the only place for McDavid to go is up. We often see NHL players hit their scoring and production peaks at the age of 24, so the fact that Oiler fans have another 4 years of this guy before he hits his expected peak should be music to ears of the entire city of Edmonton.

Now the talk of experts and analysts everywhere is that Sidney Crosby is still the best player in the NHL after winning his third Stanley Cup (that hurts to write), but that’s just flat out wrong. Move over Sid, McDavid is the new face of the NHL. This guy is in his sophomore season and scored 100 point while leading a pretty rag tag group of guys outside of Draisaitl, RNH and Eberle to just one win away from the western conference finals. You wouldn’t think that a team who was crazy enough to trade Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson straight up could go far into the playoffs the next season, but that’s just the magic of Connor McDavid.

So buckle up, NHL fans, because this kid is about to run the league for years to come. We saw a glimpse of it this season, but the Edmonton Oilers are due to return to the hockey greatness that their organization displayed back in the 1980’s. Everyone loves him now, but it won’t be long until he is hated by the rest of the hockey world after lighting up every team that steps in his path.

P.S. No matter how great you may become; one is never safe from being a part of potentially the most awkward photo of all time. Shout out to this couple for blessing us with this shot of pure greatness.

The face says it all.

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