Stop the #PleaseLikeMySport

Fresh off Marcus Johansson’s OT winner last night to propel the Capitals past the Leafs and into the second round for a rematch against Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins, I didn’t think there was anything that could get me down until I came across this on my timeline.

And just like that, my fellow hockey fans out there give us another example why EVERYONE makes fun of hockey fans. Enough of the #PleaseLikeMySport phenomenon.

Now I don’t know anything about this Michelle Drinnenberg, but because her bio says, “fluent in hockey & sarcasm”, I’m just going to assume she’s not actually proficient in either. You can’t just be going around putting things like that in your bio, if you ask me (another example: Katy Perry’s Twitter bio reads “Artist. Activist. Conscious.” She might be conscious).

Whenever an NFL, NBA or MLB player comes down with any injury, hockey fans always race to twitter to mention some sort of example about how a hockey player has played with an injury way worse. This is not a good look.

How is anyone supposed to take hockey seriously when you can’t scroll through five tweets on hockey twitter without someone mentioning how hockey players are way tougher than any other athlete in pro sports. Now I’m not saying that I don’t love how willing hockey players are to play through an injury, but there’s no need to remind everyone about it every chance you get.

This just makes it more and more unlikely for the NHL to attract any sort of casual fan, and if you’ve noticed anything from my posts, it’s that I want people to be just as passionate about the sport of hockey as I am. Most of the time I’m trashing the NHL for their poor business and marketing decisions that estrange all but the lifelong, diehard fan. But, at some point us fans have to look in the mirror.

Nobody is going to want to join a fan base that spends half its time criticizing every move of all the other sports out there, so let’s try to be a welcoming group of people for once and accept the fact that hockey is different for a reason.

I don’t know about my other hockey fans out there, but I’m sick and tired of being labeled as hardos by the rest of the sports world. Can hockey twitter just stick to arguing about advanced stats and tank vs. anti-tank? This would benefit all parties involved greatly.

Now since I want everyone to jump on the very lonely bandwagon that is the hockey world, I’m going to stop talking and let Rick Ross do the rest of the convincing for me. Shout out to the pears.


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