What Even Is Lacrosse?

I don’t know much about Lacrosse, but I do know that the Native Americans invented it or something like that. So, by that token, lacrosse is technically the oldest American sport.

Why, then, does it make absolutely no sense?

This confusion extends beyond my unawareness of the rules; I actually do know some rules. I know that if you airmail a shot over the net and it goes out of bounds, but a player on your team is the closest person to where the ball went out of bounds, then your team retains possession of the ball.

So that’s basically like me, in basketball, launching a prayer over the backboard, but my team retaining possession because my teammate was the closest to the ball crossing the boundary. Doesn’t this set up a false incentive then, like players are hovering around the boundary to ensure possession after a wild shot?

Also, what’s the deal with face-offs? Theoretically, if you have¬†someone who is just really good at face-offs, the other team sees the ball, like, significantly less. Which is obviously an extreme advantage… I would even venture to say a disproportionate advantage.

And there’s always that really weird dynamic where scoring isn’t a huge deal like, say, hockey or soccer, but it’s also not an every-possession occurrence, like basketball. So every lacrosse goal is met with cheering, but not like too much cheering, but also not just clapping. It’s like this really weird intermediate level of cheering. It almost feels as if even the lacrosse fans themselves don’t know how loudly they should cheer after a goal.

Every lacrosse game is weird.

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