Who else should go retro?

In recent years, we have seen retro become a huge trend in sports. In football, the Steelers often play dressed as giant bumblebees and the Packers wear the most boring uniforms in recent memory. We have seen the White Sox pay homage to the horrors of the seventies in the MLB and the Rays even create retro-looking uniforms.

It is not as prominent in any league as it is in the NBA, though. The other night, the Raptors even made their floors retro and wore retro warm-ups. Most notably, multiple franchises have even completely changed their franchise persona to that of the olden days. The Sixers went back to their red, white and blues, the Warriors brought back the gates, and the Wizards went back to how they looked when they were the Bullets (without the violent imagery).

With this movement in the NBA, it made me think, what franchises are missing out? Who else would benefit from a return to the good ol’ days. A few really stand out (ignore the names on the jerseys, unfortunately for these franchises, these guys aren’t coming back):

twolves retro

I just love everything about these uniforms. The patterned edging is fantastic. The evergreens do a great job of showing both the mascot’s home and the heart of Minnesota. Additionally, the font is beyond cool. KAT would look so cool in this uniform. Wiggins would maybe turn into a timberwolf as he pounces towards the rim.

raptors retro

This was an easy one. For starters, purple is a fantastic color. Additionally, there’s something about making your mascot intimidating that is just great. So many franchises almost disregard their mascots. Even the mascots that dress up and go to the games have nothing to do with the team. These jerseys made the mascot the centerpiece, though, and the Raptors have one of the coolest mascots in sports.

grizz retro

This one is probably just wishful thinking because they worked with Vancouver. But, look at this jersey. The edging pattern is beyond cool and the teal is extremely unique. Throw in the awesome font of the team name, and this is just a classic jersey. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work for the franchise when they are in Memphis.

hawks retro

The Hawks franchise has really gone a bit off the rails. Their uniforms and colors are fun and exciting, but I am really not a neon fan. The triangular pattern throughout the uniform is also a bit much. Overall, the franchise could use a return to a classic style and pattern. These uniforms are clean and simple, and they make yellow a color that isn’t shitty, which is hard to do.

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