Here’s One for the Ladies!

As most of you know or perhaps could have guessed, I care about women. No, unfortunately this has nothing to do with problems of the average woman nor does it mention how to keep your man happy. Luckily, I am very willing to do that for my next piece so stay tuned, women! But my goodness, does anyone know what the hell is happening in the women’s NCAA tournament? I’m assuming the Final Four has been set? Before I proceed, understand that I’ve never been an admirer of women’s athletics. But before I lose all of the females that consistently flock to these pieces of art that I produce once a month or so, give me a chance to wow you. First, I am not ignorant to the fact that these women could turn me into Swiss cheese in their respective sports. Despite the fact that college softball plays on a field the same size as a 5th graders play on, I know full well that these girls don’t mess around. Finally, no matter how many times I see a division-1 lady baller miss a seemingly wide open lay-up, I know that my attempt at the lay-up would have been swatted into the undercarriage of one of the three men in attendance. Which leads me into the issue, why doesn’t anyone care?

I caught a post game interview from Geno Auriemma interview last night, although I didn’t hear the words because I blacked out after I saw a stat: UConn has made 10 consecutive Final Fours. There are no words for that type of domination. We’ve never seen anything like this. I mean Fidel Castro had a pretty good run, and Hitler wreaked terror across the world for some time. Even the ancient Roman Empire has nothing on the Uconn Huskies.

As a sports loving country, we love a great team, but at what point does it go from spectacular to just plain boring? The Connecticut ladies won the National Championship in 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and are well on their way to another one here in 2017. There, my good companions, is the reason why you have no idea what is happening in the tournament. If I were to pick a preseason champion every year since 2009, I would have picked UConn every year. That means I would have been correct every year but two. To me, that’s a problem. I am not saying that women’s basketball should or ever will get the same coverage as the men, but until there is a chance that more than two teams have the opportunity to win, most people will be completely unaware of the status of the women’s championship. This is not a male/female problem, nor is it even necessarily a quality of play issue. If we knew that Kansas would win 6 of the last 8 championships and be in the last 10 Final Fours, the madness wouldn’t exist anymore. It would be let’s see who can lose to Kansas by the least amount of points!

UConn’s run is definitely impressive. I just don’t think there’s any debate that it is awful for basketball. While the Huskies are winning championship after championship, the same four or five teams are runners-up every year. If you care enough, which I understand if you don’t because I wrote an article about how nobody cares, take a look at the ladies’ bracket. The final four is all 1 and 2 seeds. The Huskies’ closest game was 15 points against UCLA. Stanford torched everybody until the Elite 8 and South Carolina won by 42 in the Sweet 16. After I finish my second nap of the day I will occasionally stumble onto the scores of a regular season game between two ranked teams. I’m never surprised to see the 4 seed blowout the 15 seed by 15+. We have a super team problem in women’s college basketball. It is obvious nobody cares because it is hardly mentioned. It’s time to root against UConn and their destruction of basketball. I’ve never been so hot about women’s athletics.

Stay tuned for

1)“Why he is such a jerk to me?”

2) “How to Get Away With Stabbing Your Man”

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