NCAA Tournament Bets: 3/17

So yesterday went poorly. I’m sorry about that. Notre Dame didn’t cover. Winthrop got throttled by Butler. And Virginia Tech didn’t cover against Wisconsin. At least you had UNC-Wilmington, right? And my points of interest were not so accurate either. VCU-St. Mary’s went well over 129.5, and Minnesota couldn’t prove Vegas wrong with a win.

Luckily, it’s St. Patrick’s Day. You can get drunk, forget how much money you lost, and then throw more money around. Sounds like a plan to me.

SMU-USC is an interesting game at 3:10. The Mustangs are favored by 6.5 in the 6 vs. 11 matchup here. The two teams met in November, but that game couldn’t mean less. Both of these teams have changed a lot in the last couple months. SMU has gotten much better and has been very hot. I am cautiously riding their hot streak because, well, the AAC is an absolute joke. If you’re a tournament team then I fully expect you to beat down on Tulane and South Florida, that’s not too much to ask. However, I’m going to ride this hot streak nonetheless. I think USC is just painful to watch. They are a quarter of the team they could be with their athletes, so I’m thinking the Stangs handle their business today, but I’m cautious of the backdoor. Regardless, SMU -6.5.

Sticking in the AAC, Cincy plays Kansas State at 7:27. I think Cincinnati is a fraud. I picked the play-in winner here when the bracket came out and I’m sticking with it. Do I know much about the Wildcats? Nope, but they are better than the Bearcats. Whatever a bearcat is. K-State +4

This next pick is risky. But so is gambling, so let’s go with it. Michigan State plays Miami and I think it will be one of the best games of the first round. Miami’s guard play will be a challenge for Michigan State, but I’m going to put my money in Tum Tum’s hands. I think Izzo will coach up the Spartans. Bridges and company will show out in Izzo’s favorite month and earn the chance to get wrecked by Kansas in the round of 32. MSU +2.5

In a late night game, we have South Carolina-Marquette. I think both of these teams are fun to watch, so why not make it more fun by making money off of it? South Carolina is a really interesting team. Dozier and Thornwell are two studs for South Carolina and the game is being played in Greenville. It’s essentially a home game for the superior team so I’m riding with the Gamecocks. SC -2(side note: everybody that calls South Carolina “USC”, stop being silly. USC is a school is in California, just saying.)

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