The Best Weekend in Sports

This weekend is absolutely perfect. There’s no debating that. Sure, your bracket will be busted roughly 6 hours after the madness begins, but you knew that was coming. That happens every year. You have a responsibility to suck it up and enjoy basketball for 4 straight days.

Let’s talk about life before March. We can go through the life of your average basketball-loving college student. I’ll even take you into my everyday routine during the college basketball regular season, just as an example.

I wake up to my alarm: “Boneless” by Steve Aoki because what better way to start my day? I snooze it because there’s just no shot I’ll get up the first time. Three snoozes later I’m just turning off Steve and his noise explosion because otherwise our very own writer and my roommate, Dan, will kill me. Now that I actually have my phone in hand, I have to check scores. NBA. NCAA. Doesn’t matter. I check everything that’s happened in the sports world. I get up after I’ve read through each score 5 or 6 times. I shower, brush my teeth, probably text the whole Smokehouse gang about some sports take (quack) and I’m on my way to class. I sit on ESPN or Bleacher Report throughout class, maybe I write about gambling. After class, I grab a bite to eat. Something quick at the depressing cafeteria. Then back to my dorm. What to do next? The answer is obvious. Nap. After a glorious nap, I need more food. At this point I’m just trying to get to 7 or 8 o’clock, when I can watch more basketball. Finally 7 o’clock has brought me college basketball. My whole day was leading up to this. After the games, I do some homework, quack once more, then head to bed.

I know. Wild day, right? I left out some crucial parts like the kissing of babes and other cool things I do in my everyday rockstar lifestyle, but you get the point: my day revolves around hoops.

That brings me to this weekend: the best weekend in sports.

Again, we are going to dive into my wild life and see what happens for the basketball-loving college student this Thursday.

I wake up. I think to myself, “Basketball is on in two hours.” So naturally, I make sure I am ready to sit on a couch and watch basketball all day. The preparation is absolutely key. This will make or break the day. Everything matters. Oregon plays Friday, but I need my Dillon Brooks jersey on (props to my girlfriend for that gift). Then I need to make sure that I have food and drinks for the next 12 hours because I’m not going to stop watching basketball all day. My laptop is fully charged, which allows me to watch a game on my laptop and the TV at the same time. Now that I’ve made sure that I have everything that I need to hide away from reality for the day, I plop down on the couch. I prepare for basketball from noon until midnight, with the only break being the 20 minutes after the 4:30 game ends and the 6:50 game begins. This is basketball heaven. I lock in and prepare myself for the best weekend of my life.

If 4 straight days of win-or-go-home basketball doesn’t sound good to you then you’re probably much better with reality and real world problems than I am. But you probably will never be as happy as I will be this entire weekend sitting on my couch, hiding from the real world, and watching college hoops.

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