Cool Stuff You Can Do This Week

By: Jack Henkels

Oh, man, we have a bracket! This weekend will be great because there is lots of basketball permeating every aspect of our livelihoods. But, if you’re like me, you really struggle with Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before the games begin. I know, the “First Four” happens Monday and Tuesday, but that just doesn’t really float my boat. Over the years, I’ve figured out some pretty cool stuff you can do over these days to distract you until the real action begins.

1) Go see a movie!

I haven’t seen Get Out yet, and boy do I want to. So, what better time to do it! Instead of spending a night staring at my bracket or listening to Jay Bilas explain why all of my picks are wrong, I’m going to enjoy a classic night out at the theater to take my mind away from basketball for a bit.

2a) Mow the lawn!

I know my dad really loves it when I mow the lawn. It’s just one of those little things that he hates doing and he’s really happy when I do it when I’m home from college. This would be a really nice thing that I could do! Just pop in a podcast, and mow that lawn! A kind deed goes a long way.

2b) Shovel your driveway!

This goes hand-in-hand with the above task. This is in case you live in a northern area that might be receiving a bit of snow in the coming days. I looked at the weather, and it appears my home will be walloped by a nor’easter! It’s going to be hard to mow the lawn with all that snow on the ground! So, instead, I’ll take my talents to the driveway and sidewalk and clear those passageways, thus performing my community duty.

3) Get your oil changed!

If you’re like me, the little sticker on the front window of your car always suggests that you get your oil changed at the worst possible times. It’s always during like the busiest weekend of the year or sometime when your grandparents are in town or something. How about this? Instead of waiting for that date, just go to Jiffy Lube at some point in the next couple days and get a jump start on that oil change! That’s called “showing initiative”.

Note: This one doesn’t apply if you have literally just gotten your oil changed. It doesn’t make sense to get your oil changed twice in one week.

4) Vacuum your living room!

Sure, I guess you could really go all-out and vacuum your entire house, but DEFINITELY start with the living room. Odds are that you have a TV in your living room, and that’s where you’ll be watching all of the games. You don’t want to look at a dirty carpet the whole time! Or, worse, if you have pals over, the last thing you want is one of you friends saying, “Damn, Jeff, your carpet is GROSS. Crumbs everywhere. I’m going to go watch the games elsewhere.” We’ve all been there. Nip that in the bud this year, and just vacuum beforehand!

5) Listen to some music

Listening to music is a GREAT way to pass the time. Just pop some headphones in, throw on some 90’s jams, and just float into oblivion as you wait for reality to become meaningful again on Thursday. Why do people always listen to music on planes? Because it’s the best way to take your mind off the fact that you’re in a metal death trap soaring through the sky. Music is also the best way to forget that days exist between the Selection Show and actual basketball.

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