PJ day 2: 3/9

By: PJ Guippone

Yesterday went pretty well. I was 2/3 with my only loss being Western Kentucky, which was basically a guess anyway. So lesson learned, don’t guess. Stick to what you know, PJ. Alright, PJ, let’s get to it then.

Today is fun because the real games are starting in the conference tournaments. There are good teams playing great teams, so upsets may be afoot. All of the bad teams have been weeded out by this point in the tournaments.

That brings me to the first game, which is a pick-em between Iowa State and Oklahoma State. Both of these teams are probably going dancing no matter what happens, but they played recently and Iowa State took that one, too. I think Iowa State is too good from three, and they will be able to slow down Oklahoma State enough on the defensive end. Iowa State is getting hot at the right time, they have an elite point guard, and great three point shooting. This is a team that can win a few games in the National Tournament. Iowa State.

Duke and Louisville play at 2.30 today. This is when college basketball starts to be really fun. It’s not even Saturday and we get to watch a top-15 matchup in the afternoon. This is going to be a really good game. I have been an outspoken critic of Louisville throughout this year, mostly because I am less than impressed by their offense. I think they will be able to handle Duke, though. Most of Louisville’s scoring comes from the perimeter and their guards, and that is where Duke is weakest defensively. On the other side of the court, Louisville doesn’t really have weaknesses defensively. Louisville -2.

Lastly to the Big East. Xavier was a team that started the season in the top 10 of the AP poll. Since then, they have lost their best player, Edmond Sumner, and now sit firmly on the bubble. They won their first game against DePaul, which was a must for them, and now they face another probable must win against the Butler Bulldogs. Xavier isn’t that good anymore, but they are well-coached and still have talent all over the floor. They line is currently set at Butler -6.5. I think it’s going to be closer than that. Xavier +6.5.

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