College bets for 3/8

By: PJ Guippone

This is the time of year where betting really gets hard. Most games are toss-ups as all games are in the full swing of conference tournaments, and one of the most important keys to victory is heart. That’s what happens in March. Sometimes, talent goes out the window. Records go out the window. All that matters is that game. With that being said, we promised you daily bets, so we will give you daily bets.

First, let’s go to Conference USA, where you should absolutely take Middle Tennessee State to win it all (currently at -135). Currently in the first round, I am going to point your attention to Western Kentucky giving 4.5 points to UTSA. Western Kentucky is a legitimately solid program in an under rated conference. They are consistently towards the top of C-USA, and they are finally getting rewarded for it with two players in the top 100 of recruits next year including a five-star guy. Those guys aren’t there yet, but I still expect Western Kentucky to take care of business in the first round. Western Kentucky -4.5.

Now to the Big 10. Nebraska is a team that started the year with a lot of hope for their season. Well it turned out a lot of people were dead wrong about that because they aren’t that good at all. They are playing a Penn State team that is filled with youthful Philadelphia exuberance. They have five guys on their roster that went to Roman Catholic, a wonderful place in Center City Philly. They are good, too. They are currently favored by 1.5 and I say take that. Also, look for this team to be a Big 10 power in the next two years. Penn State -1.5.

Finally, to the ACC where a Pitt team that just crushed the small amount of tournament hope that Georgia Tech had is taking on Virginia. UVA is currently favored by 9.5 and I think this one is honestly a no brainer. Pitt isn’t elite defensively, so Virginia will be able to put the ball in the hoop, and UVA is elite defensively so Pitt will not be able to do that. The Over/Under is currently at 118 because UVA is going to hold Pitt to under 50. UVA -9.5.

Best of luck, bettors!

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