College Hoops Bets: 3/7

By: Mark Scarlett

The madness is real. Championship week has been wild so far and we only have one day under our belt. Games are exciting enough, so why not add to the excitement by putting your money on the line?

Yesterday, I made picks that had nothing to do with basketball. It could’ve gone much worse, but it certainly could’ve been better. Maryland-Eastern Shore missed out on the cover by one point. Heartbreaking, I know. New Hampshire got absolutely decimated by Vermont, which proves that even with the heart of a wildcat, cougars are superior cats and can impose their will upon wildcats any day. I guess Bowling Green didn’t get the heart of Richaun because they didn’t even come close to a cover. With all of those losses, my taste in music has propelled Omaha into the final of the Summit League. We should all make more bets that have to do with Counting Crows, that’s the lesson here.

Alright, let’s try to stick with basketball related picks for the most part today. Georgia Tech and Pittsburgh meet in the first day of ACC action. Pitt is favored by 2 here, despite the fact that the Yellow Jackets have a better record, both in conference and overall. Georgia Tech won the regular season matchup at home, but this game is at the neutral Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The Yellow Jackets have an outside shot at making the tournament, and a loss to Pitt in the first round would kill that. Lunardi has them on the “Next Four Out” list, so this is a must win. I don’t just think they’ll cover, I think they’ll win. +2 GA Tech or even moneyline. Be ballsy.

In the Horizon League, we see Milwaukee against Northern Kentucky competing for a chance to dance. Milwaukee is the 10 seed in the Horizon and has 11 wins in the season, including this run in their conference tourney. I saw both of these teams play a little bit last night, and this game is going to be a battle. I’m rolling with the team that is the epitome of “madness”. Give me Milwaukee +6.

Let’s just get this out of the way. “Omaha” is an amazing song. If you haven’t listened to it yet, then please do that. And if you haven’t bet on Omaha yet, then please do that, too! What is better than listening to good music while making money? I can’t think of anything. Omaha +2.5. You know what? Take the moneyline. +125. Omaha. Lock it in. They are dancing.

Now for a great game: St. Mary’s-Gonzaga. This is the game that determines the WCC. Gonzaga is really good. They struggled with Santa Clara yesterday, but were still just a little too much for the mustangs. St. Mary’s, on the other hand, destroyed BYU. They won by 31 because the Cougars forgot how to do something very crucial to success on the court: put the ball in the basket. They literally couldn’t score and the Gaels capitalized. I think Gonzaga is legit this year, despite the fact that so many people call them frauds (silly people). I see them winning this game because they are a mismatch for St. Mary’s. Neither game between these two have really been close, and this game is no different. Zags -5.

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