College Basketball Bets: 3/1

Last night was beyond close in the world of covering spreads. Maybe it went your way, maybe it didn’t. But it’s not only a new day, it’s a new month! And that sounds like a fresh start to me.

So, I’m going to rant to defend my credibility. Duke didn’t cover. Indiana didn’t cover. And Iowa State didn’t cover (the line fell to 3 so they technically pushed). However, Duke was covering the whole damn game. Then Florida State snuck in the back door. Indiana was covering for the better part of the game. Then had the back door slammed shut, missing out on the cover by 1 freaking point. And Iowa State would’ve pushed the -4 line that I wrote about had Donavan Jackson made the second free throw with 1 second on the clock(side note: the line was 3.5 when I started the article. It moved to 4, which I changed in the article, so really they were 1 free throw away from covering). I thought these teams were great. Great teams cover. Turns out that Duke and Iowa State are just good teams, while Indiana remains a dumpster fire. The bottom line here is that I got screwed. This was unlucky beyond belief. My luck can’t be that bad, so here goes my picks today.

Top 25 action is weak tonight, but Louisville does take a trip to Wake Forest to play the Demon Deacons. The Cardinals are favored by 3 on the road. I know that betting on a road team in conference is never a great idea, but I’m going to say that this one is at least a good idea. Louisville is much more than 3 points better than Wake, no matter where the game is being played. Louisville runs DEEP. After John Collins, I don’t see anyone on this Wake Forest team that will cause problems for anyone on Louisville. I’m locking this one in tonight. The Cards cover.

Looking outside of the top 25, Michigan State goes on the road to Illinois. The Fighting Illini are currently favored by 2 at home. The Spartans have made their way to a 9 seed, according to Joe Lunardi of ESPN. This is Izzo’s month and I’m looking to Michigan State trying to catch some fire heading into the tournament following a disappointing season. So yes, I am picking two teams on the road in conference to cover the spreads. In fact, I think the Spartans win this game on the road. So you know what? Go moneyline here if you’re feeling ballsy or if you’re up on the week. Why not, right?

Tonight is definitely uneventful, so that’s about all the games that caught my eye from a gambling point of view. That being said, if you’re a night owl that likes staying up and watching basketball, please watch Washington-UCLA. IF Markelle Fultz is playing. The Ball-Fultz matchup is a look into the future of the NBA. If not, then please don’t waste time watching the Huskies play basketball. It’s one of the least enjoyable things to watch. If the game were being called by Bill Walton, I would demand that you watch it. But it’s on FS1, so the only thing good that can come from it would be if LaVar Ball makes Jack’s prediction correct a little early and drunkenly stumbles on the court. Other than that, I’d watch the Spartans and Cardinals make you some money on the road, while we all await the most wonderful time of the year: March Madness.

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