Where to toss your money today: 2/27

By: Mark Scarlett

I’m back after the weekend so we can get back to work making you money. Hopefully you had any idea what you were doing without me as your light on college’s biggest day, Saturdays, but I’m back now. I’m here for you. Let’s make money.

It was a wild weekend in college basketball. Those that put money on BYU at Gonzaga on Saturday, I’ve got two things to say: 1. You’ve got some balls 2. Congratulations. UCLA visited Arizona and left with a win after Sean Miller failed to teach his team a basic sixth grade zone offense. And then Kentucky defended their home turf against Florida, even without the help of De’Aaron Fox. But now, the weekend is over and I’m back to helping you make some money.

The main event tonight is a matchup between West Virginia and Baylor. Baylor has fallen to the 11th best team in the nation, while West Virginia is ranked number 10. The game will be played in Waco, Texas and right now it is a pick ‘em. I think this is going to be a great game and a lot of fun to watch. Any game with the Mountaineers will have a lot of uptempo basketball. I like Manu Lecomte of Baylor a lot. Is it because of how adorable he is or his basketball abilities? I don’t really know, but I think he can handle the rock against the pressure that West Virginia will bring. I also think Baylor may have a little too much size for West Virginia. I’m picking Baylor in this game and I’m expecting a lot out of Motley.

There is a top 25 matchup in the ACC between Virginia and North Carolina. The Tar Heels are on the road, but are favored by 4. Virginia is on a skid losing 4 of their last 5, including a game at Chapel Hill, where they lost by 24. I don’t think the Cavaliers can score with the Tar Heels, so if they are going to put up a fight in this game it would be through their defense. UNC can score inside and out and has a bunch of playmakers. Too many for UVA. I’m picking the Tar Heels to cover in Charlottesville, while the Cavaliers struggle to keep up on the offensive end with UNC.

One game that I feel will be an absolute heart attack is the Virginia Tech Hokies at home against the Miami Hurricanes. The last five games that these two teams have played have been very similar. Both have tight losses on the road against Louisville. Both had close home wins against Clemson (coincidentally, both teams had 71 points in their victories over the Tigers). Both teams beat Virginia in games that went beyond regulation. The spread is currently -2 in favor of Miami, who has jumped back into the top 25 this week. I’m going to avoid this game, mostly because I think these teams are very similar and this feels like a close game the whole way that could go either way at the end. Plus, it would kill me to bet against either of these teams. One team goes by the “Hokies”, which apparently is just a term for a Virginia Tech fan that came from “Hokie Bird”, which comes from turkey, which as we all know comes from the good ol’ days when Virginia Tech was known as the “gobblers”. And the other team has Ja’Quan Newton, who I watched dismantle the Philadelphia Catholic League. My heart will be broken regardless.

That’s all the advice I have today. I nailed my Michigan State bet on Friday, so I’m a life time 3/6 with my predictions on these articles, if that adds to my credibility. I’d like to think that 50% is acceptable. You’re not losing money at 50%, which is really all you can hope for because in case you didn’t know, Vegas always wins. No matter how much smarter you think you are, Vegas will prove that you’re an idiot. Always remember that when tossing money around.

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