Steph is a cheat code, and not just in real life

By: PJ Guippone

The NBA 2K series is a beautiful, essential part of the college experience.

Last year, I dominated the MyPlayer feature with Pauly Zeppelin Jr. in 2K11 (Pauly Zeppelin Sr. was my other player in 2K13) en route to a thirty-point triple double average and a Finals victory for the Kings. I thought this was impossible, so it made me feel even cooler (Russ is belittling me a bit this season). This year, I do not have my own console, so there needs to be other 2K outlets. The best of those is a fantasy draft leading into a season. This gives adequate space for not only finding and building the ultimate team, but a good amount of shit talking, and what else is friendship really about?

Generally speaking, the teams are never entirely unfair. With so much elite talent per team, these are high scoring affairs for both sides in a fast-paced game. Even the best of the best aren’t complete cheat codes. LeBron misses shots, Magic’s passing isn’t as good as it was in real life, Larry’s interior defense is suspect, Jordan has shooting flaws. Of all these players, there is only one that is far beyond the realm of “fair,” and that is Stephen Curry.

Admittedly, Steph was a cheat code in real life in 2016. There was at least one shot per game that had basketball fans across the country saying, “What…” his 45% three-point percentage was shocking. I mean really, he was 57.7% % from 30-34 feet, and 40% from 35-39. Even his 28.6% from more than forty feet is freakish. Regardless, these video game numbers turned him into a cheat code in an actual video game. In the history of modern sports, no player has been too good in real life for what video games had available. Steph did this, though.

This led to him in game being someone that you and your friends should absolutely ban from fantasy draft possibility. A 35-footer is a layup for the virtual point guard. When he is used, Steph just has to dribble the ball up slowly and patiently and pull up from anywhere beyond the arc. He never misses two in a row. This forces you to press up on him on the defensive end, but then he just uses his cheetah-like acceleration to sneak around you into the lane. It gets to a point where it is entirely impossible to guard him at all. Pair him with other shooters, and then help defense will simply annihilate you. It’s just math. 3 points is more than 2, so when Steph is hitting a three every time down the floor, it’s hard to keep up.

Video games are meant to be fun, so once my blood starts to boil following Steph’s 16th 35 footer, I will inevitably rage quit. Just know if you are my friend I will block that pick like Mutombo.

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