A Boring Day to Bet, but Still… a Day to Bet: 2/24

By: Mark Scarlett

Today is a new day. Either a fresh start after a rough day, or a chance to build on last night’s winnings. Regardless, money will be thrown around, and here’s where it should be thrown.

Yesterday could’ve been worse for my predictions. It also could have been a lot better. I said the Duke-Syracuse game would be a heart attack waiting to happen for those that touched it, which it was due to John Gillon banking in a three as time expired.

I also predicted the Ducks would win on the road against California, but not cover the spread due to their inability to play on the road. Despite a huge second half deficit, Oregon came quacking back and Dillon Brooks drilled a game winning three to give the Ducks a nice road win.

Then there was the rest of my predictions. I said Nova would cover a ten point spread at home against Butler. I also confidently said that Maryland would cover a five point spread against the Golden Gophers of Minnesota. And I may have also said that North Carolina wouldn’t cover the seven point spread against Louisville. Long story short, I was wrong. How wrong was I? Not important, today is a new day.

Today isn’t a great day to bet on college basketball. In fact, it’s a horrible day to bet on college basketball. There are two games that have top 25 teams that have less than a ten point spread. Those games would be the Wisconsin Badgers taking a -7 spread to Columbus, Ohio to visit the Buckeyes and Arizona holding a -9 spread at home against USC. Even these games aren’t very intriguing to bet on, so let’s get creative.

Despite a disappointing season thus far, Michigan State still has two of my favorite players in college basketball: Miles Bridges and Tum Tum Nairn Jr. I don’t think this takes too much explaining. Bridges is a freak athlete that can make jaw-dropping plays on both ends of the court. The kid can actually fly and he is a joy to watch. And Tum Tum Nairn goes by the name Tum Tum. If you don’t like Tum-Tum, then I probably don’t like you. As far as his basketball abilities go, Tum Tum runs around like a jackrabbit and can’t really shoot, in fact he’s only shot 29 threes this season.

Having said all that about two of the Spartans, they are favored by 4, at home against Nebraska. Michigan State handled Nebraska on their home turf by 11 in their last meeting, so I’m picking Tum Tum, Miles and the rest of the Spartans to cover the 4 point spread at home. The game will already be entertaining with Miles defying gravity and Tum Tum running around aimlessly, so why not throw money on it? Do it for Tum Tum.

Other than Michigan State-Nebraska, there is no game that really makes me really wanna throw money around. Maybe tonight is a night where you just relax, curl up in bed with a nice book and don’t lose money. Unless you want to put money on Western Kentucky against the Charlotte 49ers. Why Western Kentucky? Because they are the Hilltoppers. That’s why.


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